Lake Arrowhead adventures await

Guests of the Lake Arrowhead Lodge test their skill on the ropes course

In September, a group of medical professionals left their scrubs at home and headed to the Lake Arrowhead Lodge. While they all worked for the same hospital and came across each other daily, each doctor was the head of their respective department and they hardly knew one other. Considering the challenges of their occupation and the demands of leading a medical department, the goal of their trip was for everyone to leave the mountain with stronger relationships so that each person would feel more comfortable communicating openly, leaning on the other leads for support and bouncing improvement ideas off of each other more readily. 

“I was unsure how a group of physicians would enjoy climbing on a high ropes course, and several of the doctors had started the day saying they were terrified of heights and would be happy watching from the ground,” said Anna Stalzer, coordinator of Arrowhead Adventures at the Lake Arrowhead Lodge. “But by the end of their Corporate Team Building Program, each participant had donned a harness and climbed outside of their comfort zone.”  

The group went on to participate in other activities, including yoga, an art class and a hike. 

“They got to enjoy the beauty of Lake Arrowhead, and see their colleagues in a setting nothing like their norm.”

These were a series of special moments —memorable experiences—that turned colleagues into friends.

Research has shown that teams that play together stay together. The Lake Arrowhead Adventures is doing its part to create the types of activities that foster these types of connections. Groups and teams have been bonding and engaging in team-building events at the Lake Arrowhead Lodge for years. And for good reason. The 50-acre property is serene and inspiring, with towering evergreens and incredible trails and vistas. 

Options range from outdoor hiking, biking and kayaking adventures to culinary, art and meditation experiences. Corporate team-building events, silent discos and the recreational ropes course are also popular offerings. 

“When a group sets aside time to recreate, bond or engage in a challenge together, it creates a shared experience that naturally deepens relationships and conveys the message that human connection is valued,” said Stalzer. 

“Furthermore, intentionally focusing on fun and engaging in something out of the ordinary inspires creativity, heightens interpersonal connections and reduces stress… When a team earns success together in a game that initially seemed impossible to win, their perceived limitations are dismantled and they’re able to realize the unlimited potential they possess, leaving them feeling empowered and invigorated.”

And doing these activities surrounded by nature only adds to the experience. Spending time in nature, according to research, not only lowers blood pressure and stress hormone levels, and reduces nervous system arousal, it also enhances immune system function, increases self-esteem, reduces anxiety and improves mood.”

“We want every group to leave here feeling empowered and inspired.” 

To learn more about Arrowhead Adventures, call the Lake Arrowhead Lodge at 909-337-2478 or explore our digital brochure.